Guided Kayak Tours

South East Alaska
Guided Kayak Vacation
Aboard Singawing we carry two single kayaks and one double. While guests are welcome to use them whenever we are at anchor, we are excited to announce that starting this year we are offering the option for guided kayak tours . Our dear friend and certified kayak instructor and naturalist, Benson Isley is available on any charter for a small additional fee. Benson has over ten years of south east Alaska guiding experience and also carries with him the laudable ACA training credential. With the addition of one rented kayak up to six guests can be led through some of the wildest coastal terrain available in the world. Whether gliding next to a glacier that was formed in the time of the Roman Empire or silently watching as a Kodiak brown bear searches for a meal under a beach rock, Benson will guide your group safely into areas seldom seen by others.
Benson has also been known to sneak a chunk of dislodged glacial ice back to the boat, later the frozen block reappears on the dinner table having been carved into a dramatic sculpture. Please feel free to inquire if a guided kayak charter sounds like the vacation for you.

  •     Sea kayak guiding and naturalist experience throughout SE Alaska since 2000.
  •     4 years commercial fisherman in Alaskan waters
  •     Background in environmental education and outdoor leadership
  •     ACA certified kayak instructor
  •     Wilderness First Responder
  •     Charismatic glacial ice sculptor
  •     100 ton license
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