Inside Passage

Inside Passage to Princess Louisa Inlet

*The following itinerary contains suggestions only. You control the agenda based on your spontaneity. It is always your option to stay a while or continue on to the next adventure. We recommend setting aside fourteen days for this trip as it leaves plenty of time for sailing, exploring and relaxing.
Destination one - Your private yacht will be equipped and awaiting your arrival at 1pm. We depart Anacortes for the isolated cove of Eagle Harbor on Cypress Island. For the adventurous we recommend the intermediate hike to the enticing elevated heights of Eagle Cliff where one can enjoy the panoramic views of the San Juan archipelago. Less rigorous hikes are optional.
Destination two - Depart Cypress after breakfast and sail for isolated Sucia Island. This glacially carved paradise offers myriad outdoor activities: kayak along tidal hollowed cliffs overhung by red-barked Madronas, hike a sophisticated network of trails leading to scenic coves and vistas, enjoy a campfire on the beach as the sunset tints the coastal mountain range of Vancouver Island. Sucia’s magic could engulf an entire vacation.
Destination three - Today we clear customs at the resort at Poet’s cove where you may choose to stay and enjoy the many amenities or continue on to free-spirited, rural Thetis Island. Native history abounds here along with a laidback country lifestyle. Take a stroll past eclectic summer homes and established residences.
Destination four - Enjoy a lively sail through Trincomali channel and sun-drenched Gabriola passage. You will experience your first encounter with the challenging tidal currents known to the Pacific Northwest. Arriving at Silva Bay the expanse of the Strait of Georgia becomes visible. This perfectly protected cove is the prime jump off spot for the spirited sail across the Strait. Silva Bay offers an opportunity for dinner ashore with sweeping views of the coastal mountains.
Destination five - On our way to little-known Jedediah Island you will encounter the broadest expanse of open water on this voyage. This could prove to be your greatest opportunity to view migrating whales and the bustling commercial traffic of the Inside Passage to Alaska. Tonight we anchor in a remote cove providing refuge from the strait’s wide -open fetch.

Destination six - Leaving Jedediah we round the marble –rimmed shores of Texada Island as we make our way to bustling Pender Harbour. Multiple traditional and contemporary architectural styles surround this populated harbor which, however, remains laid-back and welcoming in common with the entire Sunshine Coast. Meals in fun local pubs are optional as well as kayaking, local fishing and dinghy sailing.
Destination seven - Today the crew arises early (guests are welcome to sleep in to the lulling hum of our diesel engines) for our longest passage. As we penetrate the deep fjord of Jervis Inlet, mountains rise abruptly from narrowing shores soaring to elevations in excess of sixty- five hundred feet. Here the human dimension pales compared to our surroundings. Forty six miles we punch into the coastal range before negotiating the restricted passage of Malibu Rapids reaching our destination, Princess Louisa Inlet. From this point we will respect the five knot speed and wake limit to preserve this parks pristine shore line along with its solitude. Towering cliffs surround so loftily that our global positioning system loses reception as it is impossible to pick up the satellites which are not directly above the boat. Over six hundred wisp-like waterfalls break the utter silence as they tumble, churn and fall endlessly to their demise. Mountain goats can be seen high above on the various limited moss covered cracks and vertical veins that define these precipitous granite giants. Marine life is abundant as the park is completely protected. 
Once securely anchored in the out flow of the two hundred foot tall torrent known as Chatterbox Falls, you will be center stage for one of the earth’s greatest shows. One could sit here in wondering amazement for days on end. For those who feel the need to stretch their legs several lowland trails and board-walks meander through the base of the surrounding mountains. If a more demanding climb is desired the two mile slog, ascending twenty five hundred feet to the Trappers cabin provides a calorie burning experience with an amazing view of the entire inlet. After returning to base camp many a guest have elected for a bracing shower under the pounding of Chatterbox Falls. From here a departure aboard a chartered sea plane would be the final culmination of an extraordinary adventure, as the plane will have to double back on its course to gain enough elevation to surmount the surrounding peaks. The views presented by both travel on the waters of the inlet and above them will truly define Princess Louisa Inlet.
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