Guest Comment Log

Guest Comment Log

Thank you both for the most amazing nine days with you and Ruby on Singawing. Felix’s first big fish, the crab melts, sailing through a pod of orcas- totally incredible! You went to so much trouble with the food. I have never had so many different types of cooked breakfast… any hotel in the world!!! But the best thing was your enthusiasm and good humor- we enjoyed your company so much. And last but not least, Ruby. A friend for Felix. Just perfect. Lots of good luck in your charter business- we are sure you will be a great success. We hope to meet again.
Love from Julie and Peter, England

Life's What You Make it

As we started our trip
No captain did we see
Nothing that a quick call
Did not remedy

Picked up ashore
And taken to sea
The Singawing crew
Offered fancy treats

All aboard we set sail
To a remote location where we prevailed
Tying up first before all
We slept lulled by an intense waterfall

Coves, inlets, fjords and straits
The winds would take us
but no luck with our bait

The meals are superb
The company way too fun
Not feeling like birds
Feeling like sourdough buns

Carolina and Ruby
Inseparable day and night
Real bonding occurred
Making best friends for life

Crab, lemons, cookies, tacos and cake
Bagels, salmon, lamb chops
And hot sauce we ate

Hiking, fishing and sailing were great
All made possible by the
Captain and first mate
“Nobody’s perfect”

That’s what we heard.......
“Life’s what you make it”
Was our only concern

Andrea, Matt and Ruby you see
Are the reason our trip
Was the best it could be!!!
Many, many, many thanks for endless fun, fun-filled days, great company, magical nights and loads of laughter. Can’t wait until the next trip!!!!!
Mari, Marshall and Carolina, California
“Follow your dream”- you are!!!!! Thank you for including us---- Big Texas Hugs!!!!!
Carol, Texas
WOW!!!!! What a WONDERFUL, far too short couple of days……….Matt and Andrea, you are consummate hosts and have ruined us for any other charters!!!!!! We will be back…for the sailing, for the wildlife, for the kayaking, for the food, the beauty, the showers and you!!! Many, many thanks!
Melissa, Jon, George and Lily, Connecticut
What an amazing adventure!!!!! We knew it would be a beautiful boat and a great sail but we did not know we would make such wonderful friends! Thanks for everything! We cannot wait to come back!!
Love from Diane, Andy, Caleigh, Anderson and Olivia, California
Thank you for showing us the true Northwest experience!! Ruby was a great addition! What a view and it was a real treat for Rick to relive his childhood memories at Friday Harbor. You guys are great hosts. We will send friends and family your way.
Love always, Rick and Sara, California
P.S. Turn Island was neat and loved the story telling
This is the best trip ever, I love how cozy the beds are and Ruby! She’s super playful and loveable. Sailing is the best, especially with you.
Sarah, age 7, Colorado
Dear Matt, Andrea and Ruby Two Shoes

Thank you for arranging our Hotter N Hell Holiday cruise. The scenery was beautiful and the food fabulous. You are both wonderful hosts and make a great team together. You should do well in your business and marriage. We wish you the best of luck and good wishes on your upcoming marriage. We hope to return some day. Thank you also to Ruby for being such a lovely companion and keeping us from missing our own dogs. She is a very special girl.
Kathy, Texas
Wonderful boat, crew and dog. Sadly we brought our own weather. The upside of that was that the 100 year drought in Texas broke in our absence. Thanks to the three of you for taking such good care of us and making our trip such a special experience. We wish you all the love and happiness for your future.
Lance, Texas
P.S. We will take the hot weather back with us!
What a wonderful and relaxing week we’ve had aboard the Singawing. Thank you for all of the pampering, gourmet meals, freshly caught seafood and your wonderful company. It was fun showing Evan’s birthday countdown with you and the cupcakes provided on the “big day” were fantastic and greatly appreciated! We wish you the best with your wedding extravaganza! Thank you for making this relaxing week a possibility. It has been a wonderful respite from the real world.
Karen, Bruce and Evan, Oregon
We thoroughly enjoyed our time on the Singawing. The food was great and both Matt and Andrea are excellent chefs. We enjoyed the informal atmosphere aboard and felt comfortable asking questions of the craft, the area, or other areas of interest. We found Matt to be a knowledgeable and skilled skipper. If we were to sail the San Juans again we would like to be aboard Singawing. It was fun observing Matt and Andrea's enthusiasm for their craft and their chosen profession. We anticipate they will do very well in the charter business. They are very easy people to be with.
Ron, Texas
I have had such an amazing time. It was all I could hope for and much, much more! You guys have been fantastic and have made this trip one of the best times on a boat ever. Thank you so much and hope to see you many more times in the future.
Lots of love, Bella, England, age 13
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