Hybrid Electric Drive

Eco Charters, For Real

Serial Hybrid Electric Drive
Quite simply put, the most environmentally friendly way to travel vast distances on this planet is aboard a sail boat, and it just got cleaner. Introducing Singawing’s new serial hybrid electric propulsion system.
Whether powered by hydro-electricity, wind, solar, tide, or an extremely efficient diesel engine, Singawing has drastically lowered her carbon and emissions footprint.
Borrowed from the research and development of the world’s leading electric car manufacturers, hybrid and electric boat technologies have arrived and Singawing is a proof of concept that you can experience.

Using clean renewable energy from the Pacific Northwest hydro powered grid, Singawing is capable of storing over 50 KWH of energy in her big lithium battery bank. This energy can sustain the vessels house hold power needs for up to 10
days without sunlight, or propel this 74-thousand-pound vessel for 25 miles, before the wind even begins to blow. When the wind does blow under sail, her system can regenerate power by spinning the propellers in reverse, charging the battery back to full.

Welcome to a cleaner eco charter experience, welcome to a better sailing experience, welcome to more intimate, less intrusive wildlife viewing, welcome to a quieter anchorage, welcome to Singawing.
•    All electric range:                                         25 to 30 miles
•    Regenerative recharge time:                      4 to 5 hours
•    Shore power recharge time:                       6 hours
•    Solar power recharge:                                 40 hours
•    Diesel electric recharge time:                     1.25 hours underway
•    Battery autonomy house loads:                 10 days
•    Battery autonomy with cabin heat:           2 days
•    Stationary recharge time:                            45 min
•    Horse power:                                                  260
•    Kilowatts:                                                        193900
•    Electric top speed:                                         9.6 knots
•    Battery storage:                                              50 kilowatt’s
•    Decibels in saloon, electric mode:              55
•    Decibels in saloon. diesel electric:              65
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